That’s quite a broad-brush statement, but one that is heard often, so there must be some truth to it.  You have to understand how recruiters work.  We get probably 100-200 resumes and 50-100 phone calls from candidates a day, so it is virtually impossible to speak to, or reply back to, everyone.  However, if a recruiter is currently working on an opportunity that you might be a good fit for, you can bet your last dollar that he or she will get back to you ASAP.

Keep in mind that recruiters work for the hiring company and not the candidate.  It is the hiring company that is the client because they are paying us.  Typically we are only looking for 2-4 superstar candidates for each position.  Our job is to filter and select only those very few candidates that come closest to what the manager is ideally looking for.  That is what they are paying us for!  Rest assured that if we think we might have something for you in the future, we save your resume and will call you when we have identified a specific opportunity that seems like it might be a good fit!

That being said, we at the NORMYLE/ERSTLING Health Search Group probably only keep about 20% of the resumes we receive.  If you have no outside sales experience or are not currently in outside sales, chances are you would never be a candidate for one of our client’s opportunities, so we would not return your call or save your resume.  Time allows us to only contact those candidates that we might be able to help.

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